sewer line repair oxford ms

Do You Smell a Septic Issue?

Get professional sewer line repair services in Oxford, Lafayette Springs & Pontotoc, MS

Sewer leaks and septic issues can leave you feeling flustered. Freeman Jetting Services, Inc in Oxford, Lafayette Springs & Pontotoc, MS can ease the stress of a faulty sewer system with sewer line repair and septic tank replacement services. We provide full system troubleshooting to pinpoint your problems and make the proper repairs.

Reach out to learn more about our sewer line repair services today. Be sure to ask for a free estimate.

Leave the dirty work to the pros

Since most of your sewer system is buried underground, it's often hard to tell where your sewage issues are coming from. Turn to the professionals at Freeman Jetting Services for...

  • Troubleshooting -We use camera imaging to determine where your sewer lines are leaking or damaged.
  • Excavation - We'll dig up certain areas of your sewer network or your entire septic tank for replacement.
  • Repairs - We can replace any damaged parts and patch leaks, then put your lawn back together again.

We'll send someone out right away to take a look at your sewer problems. Call Freeman Jetting Services today for sewer line repair or septic tank replacement services.