hot water tank repairs oxford ms

Have Hot Water Whenever You Need It

We provide hot water tank installations services in Oxford, Lafayette Springs & Pontotoc, MS

Your water heater is an integral part of your home or office. Many of your appliances run on your water tank supply, so even little issues can cause big problems.

Freeman Jetting Services, Inc in Oxford, Lafayette Springs & Pontotoc, MS provides hot water tank installations and repairs for homes and businesses. We work with both gas and electric systems and will work hard to get your unit back up and running quickly.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our hot water tank installations and repair services.

3 signs your water heater needs repair

Has your water heater been showing signs of wear and tear? Aside from the obvious lack of hot water, here are some common red flags that you should check out:

  1. You notice water pooling around your water tank.
  2. Your tank is making loud banging or gurgling noises.
  3. Your tap water is discolored or has an odd smell.

Don't let minor concerns turn into major issues. If you're dealing with any of these issues, call us for hot water tank repairs right away.